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Moorkoth Vengakandy Shankaran popularly known as Gemini Shankarettan was born on 13th June1924 in Kollassery, Tellicherry. His father Raman Kavanassery was a school teacher who hailed from Pinarayi in Tellicherry. His mother Moorkoth Vengakandy Kalyani hailed from Kavumbhagam in Tellicherry.Krishnan,Kannan, Narayanan,Kunhiraman, Lakshmi. and Balan are his siblings. He had his initial school education from Kavumbhagam high school,Tellicherry.

During his younger days he used to actively participate in political rallies with his elder brother Moorkoth Kunhiraman, a renowned Marxist leader.This enterprising young lad from a simple rural area left school in his 7th std to start a retail shop in Tellicherry town. He quit his business as the passion to serve his country assumed highest priority and he plunged into military service.

             After the Second world war, he joined the Circus training school under the guidance of M.K.              Raman, popularly known as Moosari Kandi Raman Teacher. He joined the Boselion circus in              Kolkatta as a trapeze and horizontal bar artiste