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Premkumar approached Madhu Kannan and Pramod Kadre to help him out
of this crisis. They requested Ajay Shankar and Ashok Shankar to take over the circus. By using the latest management tools the whole set-up was revamped. Then it has been a turn around for Gemini and has been drawing huge crowds ever since. 

Gemini Circus presently has two partners. Ajay Shankar,  is a Law Graduate. An astute Administrator, who manages the day to day affairs of the Circus in the inimitable style of his father.

                                                   He is gifted with a commanding presence and brooks no indiscipline.                                                    Ashok Shankar heads the  Marketing and promotional strategies of                                                    the Circus. An eloquent speaker with an attractivepersonality,he has                                                    inherited the infectious smile of his father.