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The Maiden performance of Gemini Circus under the leadership of M.V. Shankaran and K. Sahadevan was held on Aug 15, 1951 in Billimoria town, Gujarat. During the year 1953, T.K. Kunhikkanan and K.S. Menon joined the Gemini circus as partners. After two years, K.S.Menon left and started his own circus. But T.K.Kunhikannan continued for nearly 25 years till he breathed his last.

Then on M.V. Shankaran and K. Sahadevan continued as partners. During the year 1987 K. Sahadevan left Gemini circus.Then during the year 1988 Sitaram Poddar and Babubhai Shah joined as partners.But they also left after a short period of time.Then M.V.Shankaran managed the circus for a few years on his own.Subsequently Vinod Kumar joined GEMINI circus as a partner.

                                                 But he also left after a few years.Then Sahadevan and Premkumar
                                                 managed  the circus for some years.But after Sahadevan’s demise                                                            Premkumarwas managing the circus on his own.
ban on
                                                 endangered wild  animals besides some other reasons had pushed
                                                 Gemini Circus  into a  financial crisis.  was on the verge of closure,